Shooting Lessons

Individual shooting lessons are offered at the beautiful Colorado Clays
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Conveniently located close to Denver International Airport.

Individual shooting lessons are also offered, by appointment, at a club nearest you.

Methods taught are based upon a student’s specific, individual needs.  Jim’s experience is key in diagnosing problems.

Because of Jim’s experience, he has much expertise in gunfitting and success resolving cross-eye dominance. Cross-eye dominance is a common problem in kids, women, and men over the age of 40.  Jim is also uniquely qualified to teach women and children, who often need special attention to gunfit, gun-weight,  and gun kick.  Services also include stock alterations, stock refinishing, and more.

Call now: 303-918-4632

Jim was so great, from A to Z.  Sam had never fired a gun.  He fitted her gun and then spent time teaching her how to shoulder it.  She was thrilled and she hit targets within the first 25, and isn’t scared of shooting anymore.  The best thing is; she can now go shooting with dad!
– Vincent Moore, father of Samantha; Colorado Springs, CO

“I called Jim because I was tired of fighting with my husband while trying to learn sporting clays. First, he fitted my gun and got me comfortable with it.  It had always been too long.  Then he told me that my left eye was taking over and I am a right handed shooter. Jim corrected the problem and after an hour of shooting had me understanding where I was shooting; I was hitting targets.  Now I have to be careful not to out-shoot the husband!”
-Claire Humboldt; Denver, Colorado