Custom Gun Fit

With a proper custom gun fit, our customers can shoot more accurately.

Customers can vouch for the professionalism of Jim Jamison!

Jim has performed over 14,000 custom gun fit sessions. He travels and is a winning competitive shooter himself. Therefore, he understands the importance of a proper gun fit.

Our customers get the best expert evaluation, and see quick results in target-hitting capabilities.

Jim works with men, women, and children.  He works with all experience levels, as well, from beginners to champions in the sport.

For your convenience, there are two methods to meet with Jim Jamison for your custom gun fit.

  1.  Jim is available at Colorado Clays in Denver, Colorado, where he has a permanent shop and is available for shooting lessons.
    -Come to Denver, have a gunfit, and/or lesson all in one day.
    -Leave with your gun the same day, unless it is left for refinishing.
  2. Jim can travel to your home club out of state; just get five or more people together for fittings.  Please check with your local club owner to set up the details.

Call now: 303-918-4632



“I had contacted Jim because I had been a good shooter all my life, but all of a sudden I couldn’t hit anything. Jim’s reputation for helping folks was something I had been hearing for years. He discovered that I was cross-eye dominant, fitted my gun, and now I am shooting even higher scores.  I would recommend Jim to anyone; you get what you pay for with him.  He is a true professional.”
Ted Baker; Houston, Texas

“When I first met Jim, I had, that day, received a gun from the manufacturer which had been custom-fitted by the owner of the company and three of his professionals.  While I was excited to shoot the ‘new’ gun, I quickly realized that the gun did not fit, nor did it shoot where it was pointed.  It was by mere coincidence that The Gunfitter was at this shoot.

Jim had been watching me shoot the gun and realized that I was disappointed and frustrated with this expensive new acquisition. In the nicest way possible, he asked if he could look at the gun; then he had me mount the gun to my shoulder while he watched.

He informed me that the problem could be fixed – now! I readily agreed and within thirty minutes he had done his magic on the stock and recoil pad.  The next day I shot my best competitive score ever!

Over the last three years I have had every gun I own fitted with stocks by The Gunfitter.
If you want the best gunfit possible, done right the first time, there is no better choice than Jim Jamison.  He is a man of character and integrity that I have come to know, respect, and trust.
-Mac Elliott; Jackson, Mississippi